Winter Youth Olympic Games 19 Jan - 1 Feb, 2024 Gangwon 2024 - Youth Olympic Games

    Gangwon 2024
    2023-07-30 06:47
    Winter Youth Olympic Games
    19 Jan - 1 Feb, 2024
    Gangwon 2024 - Youth Olympic Games

    Gangwon 2024 - Youth Olympic Games

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    About Gangwon 2024 Organising Committee
    About Gangwon 2024 Organising Committee
    The Organising Committee of the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 has been established with the purpose of effectively preparing for and operating the fourth Winter Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon Province in 2024. They aim to bring people together through the unifying nature of sport, continue to develop the country's passion for winter sports and promote Olympic values locally, nationally and around the world.

    In February 2018, the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 inspired people across the globe. A total of 195,051 hours of PyeongChang 2018 have been transferred to Gangwon 2024.

    Out of the 85 members of the YOGOC, a total of 33 people (39%) has experienced PyeongChang 2018. Gangwon 2024 holds great significance in that it continues and utilises the legacy of PyeongChang 2018 by making the most use of human resources in terms of experience and know-how as well as the top class facilities from PyeongChang 2018.

    Gangwon 2024 Organisational Overview
    History of the YOGOC
    10 JAN 2020
    135th IOC Session

    Confirmation of Gangwon 2024 and signing of the Host City Contract
    3 SEP 2020
    Inaugural Meeting of the YOGOC

    Election of the YOGOC President and the YOGOC executive committee members

    Deliberation and decision on the YOGOC’s articles of incorporation, its business plan, etc.
    3 NOV 2020
    Office Opening Ceremony of the YOGOC

    Determined to host the competition successfully along with the government, the host cities and the youth representatives, sharing the current status of preparations as well as the operational plans of the Organising Committee.
    30−31 MAR 2021
    Opening of the 1st IOC Coordination Commission

    Confirmation of the YOGOC’s vision : Youth celebrating peaceful coexistence and unity through sport to create a better future together
    7 FEB 2022
    Meeting Between IOC President Thomas Bach and YOGOC President SHIN Chang-jae

    Explanation on Games preparation, commitments to successful hosting and collaboration, and a proposal for expanding exchanges and rendering support for Olympic legacy
    21 FEB 2022
    Appointment Ceremony of Honorary Ambassador (KIM Yuna) at the G-2Y Milestone

    Presentation of the letter of appointment, interviews with KIM Yuna and youth supporters
    11−12 MAY 2022
    Opening of the 2nd IOC Coordination Commission

    Discussion on overall Games preparations such as workforce, finance, competition venues, Youth Olympic Village, youth engagement and education, cultural events to reafirm collaboration to expand youth engagement and encourage changes
    27 MAY 2022
    Appointment Ceremony for Athletes’ Commission Members

    Presentation of the letter of appointment to Athletes’ Commission members and discussions on various activities and support measures such as running a mentoring programme for athletes and youth until the end of the Games
    24 AUG 2022
    Opening of Human Rights Committee and Announcement of Human Rights Charter

    Gangwon 2024 became the first YOG to set up a human rights committee and proposed the guidelines regarding the respect for human rights by prescribing a human rights charter
    6 SEP 2022
    G-500 Day Milestone

    Slogan announcement ceremony and event
    OCT 2022
    Confirmation of Edition Plan

    The Gangwon 2024 Edition Plan was crafted through more than 100 working group meetings between YOGOC and the IOC from November 2020
    19 JAN 2023

    Unveiling of mascot, theme song and choreography

    Appointment of new Ambassador (TBC)
    7-9 FEB 2023
    Coordination Commission meeting
    JUL 2023

    Gangwon 2024 will offer new experiences in the metaverse
    19 JAN 2024
    Opening of the Games
    1 FEB 2024
    Closing of the Games
    Please check below for the details on any openings and potential roles. (Please note: only available in Korean language)

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